PV650C Pack Handling Unit

The HSAJET® Print and Verification system is the control centre of the machine, utilising a touch screen to provide the design of jobs, control of print, verification and eject, and interfacing to other associated equipment.

HSAJET® Pack Handling Unit
The HSAJET® solution is a stand-alone pack handling system for marking applications on folded cartons.  The design of a continuous topbottom belt conveyance system ensures accurate transport of products, providing optimal conditions for high quality printing.  The use of qualified components allows fast integration into existing line equipment. The basic machine is prepared for 2-side installation of the HSAJET® HP TIJ 2.5 printhead and camera.

Turnkey Solution
The combination of the HSAJET® software and the pack handling machine results in a compact overall solution for trouble-free printing and verification of folded cartons in pharmaceutical production.



Technical details 

  • Technology - HP TIJ 2.5
  • Print height - up to 25.4 mm (1")
  • Print length - up to 145 mm (5.7")
  • Voltage - 100-240 VAC
  • Belt speed - 60 m/min (standard)
  • Throughput - +500 cartons/min
  • Carton size - 40-210 mm (leading edge)
  • Carton size - 10-75 mm (height)
  • Carton size - x-150 mm (printed side)
  • Dimensions - 65x64x106/180 cm


  • Complete machine controlled by HSAJET® software and hardware
  • The unit enables the pharmaceutical company to comply with GAMP and 21 CFR part 11 and other regulatory requirements
  • Print and verification in accordance with ISO15415 and ISO15416 and other industrial standards
  • The most compact and maintenance-friendly system on the market
  • Smooth and stable package handling system
  • High quality print due to topbottom synchronised transport guides
  • The machine is prepared for printing on the front and the back simultaneously (optional)
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Integrated ejection control system
  • Tool and format-free batch change
  • Machine design in stainless steel and transparent polycarbonate
  • Easy maintenance access to all machine parts via a large top cover and removable back cover