HSAJET® Print Controller Board PREMIUM CB6e

The Premium CB6e controller board is the latest addition to our range of dependable controllers for our HP TIJ 2.5 printheads. Print directly from various database file formats PRINT.

Powerful solution

The combination of the CB6e controller board and HSAJET® software provides a powerful printing solution for integrated and turnkey applications.

HSAJET® printer controller boards for HP Thermal InkJet 2.5 technology 

The Premium CB6e controller board is the latest addition to our range of dependable controllers for our HP TIJ 2.5 printheads.
Up to 8" print height per board. The CB6e board is based on PCI express and can control up to 4" of print height. For additional print height, a plug-board can be connected to increase the print height by an additional 4", providing a total print height of 8" via one controller board.

Controllers built on CB6e 

We deliver the CB6e in an office-style PC (OPC), specially configured to match printing requirements. Ask for our PC recommendations if the CB6e is to be used for integration purposes.  If a less space demanding solution is required, the Mini-PC with an i7 processor is available (max. 8 pens). For installation into rack mounts etc., a rack-style PC is also available.  Our standard PC's are delivered with the Windows 10 operating system and OBJ InkDraw printing software.

Print directly from various database file formats PRINT

Our controller boards solutions allow printing directly from various database file formats, such as *.sql *.mdb, *.xls and *.csv. 

Premium series

In addition to the CB6e board, the Premium series consist of the Premium MiniTouch, the Premium TIPC15 and the essential Premium printheads.


Technical details 

  • Technology - HP TIJ 2.5
  • Print height - up to 203 mm (8") using plug-board
  • Printheads - All available Premium printheads
  • Voltage - 100-240 VAC
  • Design software - OBJ InkDraw (with limitations)
  • Design software - Print & Verify (with PGH system)
  • Design software - Mail InkDraw (with limitations)
  • Dimensions - 159 x 122 x 20 mm
  • Weight - 0.138 kg



  • HSAJET® software

CB6e solutions are controlled by our software versions, specially designed for coding/marking and pharmaceutical applications. The intuitive software has all the required features, including a database connection.

  • Pen assignment

All data is available to each pen. This makes it easy to assign or change the assignment of the data that the individual pen should print.With this new software it is not necessary to switch cables, which is the common way of assigning data to the individual pen.

  • Queue control

Up to 16 messages can be printed simultaneously (from sensor to last pen). Prints are correctly queued at start and stop when printing from a database.