ALcode LT

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This Print & Apply labeller incorporates the new SATO LT 408 printer module, able to print labels up to 104 mm in width at a speed of 150 mm/s in 200 dpi resolution

These label-application systems have been designed to meet this model's specific requirements for a compact and versatile system.

To meet different labelling needs, the applicator unit of the ALcode LT system can be configured:

  • With air-blow application for irregular products, including those moving at high speed
  • With swinging roller applicator for use of labels with different formats
  • With tamp application for stationary products.

The ALcode LT label applicator features microprocessor-controlled logic. Its electronic and pneumatic components are perfectly integrated in the solid mechanical structure which supports the 220 mm diameter unwind unit and the printer, making the machine particularly small and light: it is easily installed even in particularly small spaces in the packaging line, or inside packaging machines. 

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