Easy Label Dispenser SED02

The easy dispenser will assure you the maximum flexibility and the best efficiency/price ratio making it easy for you to apply labels in your semi-automatic manual labeling operations.

 Two buttons will allow you to choose between a manual detachment of the label, that means to push the button when you want the label to be detached, or an automatic detachment, that means to take the labels automatically in succession. Through a knob you can set the label’s length to detache, from 5mm up to 170mm. All the dispensers come with a top to write on the label before detachment and are supplied with an auto-switching 100/240V power supply with a protection 2A fuse. Accessories: fanfold.



Technical details

  • Label Width up to 150mm
  • Roll Diameter up to 200mm
  • Core Holder from 20mm on