Black Solvent Inks

Especially the solvent inks delivered in the new improved HP45si cartridge provide long decap times and fast dry times without heat assistance to achieve high-productivity intermittent printing for industrial coding applications.

A variety of black solvent inks for different non-porous materials. We offer a large range of black solvent inks for print on different non-porous material, such as plastic, PVC, PET, PE, PP, foils, films and wraps, UV coats, Tyvec, metal, blisters and more.  Read more about the new HP45si cartridge in Features. Material once impossible to print on with TIJ 2.5 printers can now be printed on with the new improved solvent inks from our product range. The improved features of the solvent cartridges make them perfect for product coding, track & trace applications, mailing applications and other applications where high productivity, low maintenance and high quality print are important. maintenance and high quality print are important.



Technical details

  • HSAJET® K4011si Bragi Black Solvent Ink  - For PE, PP wraps, films, corona coated BOPP films, blister foils, OPP, PET, glossy cartons and various coated stocks and textiles
  • HSAJET® K4021si Thor Black Solvent Ink  - For metallic stock, aluminium, blister foils, OPP, PET film, UV coated papers, nylon and other glossy and non-porous substrates
  • HSAJET® K4032si Odin Black Solvent Ink  - For plastic, PVC, OPP, foils, films, wraps and aluminium foils
  • HP B3F58A HP2580 Black Solvent Ink  - For PVC, OPP, PET films, wrap, metal and blister foils
  • Collins TSK2039 Bear Black Solvent Ink  - For foils, varnishes, and UV coated materials
  • Collins TSK247703si Solv-Jet Black Solvent Ink  - For plastic wrap, PVC, Tyvek, foils, UV coats, varnish and some metals
  • General IQ648 Black Sapphire Ink  - For varnish, oriented nylon, clay coats, aqueous acrylic overcoats, blister foils and polyesters
  • General IQ9493 Black Heatless Ink II  - For varnish, oriented nylon, clay coats, aqueous acrylic overcoats, blister foils and polyesters



  • HP2580, K4010si, K4021si, K4032si and TSK247703si solvent inks are delivered in the new HP45si cartridge.
  • This cartridge is specially optimised for solvent inks for printing on non-porous material. The HP45si cartridge runs at faster speeds and prints at longer throw distances than the standard HP45A cartridge.
  • The HP45si print cartridges include a programmable HP Smart Card, a chip that offers built-in intelligence for improved uptime, predictability and troubleshooting.