Black Aqueous Inks

We offer inks for many types of material, from plain paper and corrugated cardboard to glossy, matte and coated stocks and even PVC and plastic cards. See our selection of water-based inks for different substrates below.

A large selection of aqueous inks for different types of material. Providing a high print speed, fast dry time, high resolution and long durability, the inks in our large range of water-based inks fulfil the needs for most applications, such as product coding, track and trace, mailing and addressing, and industrial applications.



Technical details

  • HSAJET® K0108 Heimdall Black Dye Ink  - For uncoated, matte and gloss coated substrates
  • HSAJET® K1312 Loke Black Pigment Ink  - For porous, matte and glossy substrates
  • HSAJET® K3010 Premium Black Ink  - For porous, matte or glossy substrates
  • HP C6195A Fast Dry Black  - For porous substrates
  • HP C8842A Versatile Black  - For porous and non-porous coated substrates
  • HP CG339A HP45A 10-pack Black Ink  - For porous substrates
  • HP Q2344A HP1918 Dye-based Black  - For coated and uncoated papers, labels and speciality media
  • HP CQ849A Durable Black  - For coated, aqueous, over-coated and varnished substrates
  • Collins CM557H Black Ink  - For coated stock, matte, glossy papers & chipboard style substrates
  • Collins TWK1396 Max3  - For PVC, plastic cards and aqueous media
  • Collins TWK1921 Max Plus  - For PVC and plastic cards
  • Collins TWK1961H Super Fast Black  - For matte, glossy papers and corrugated style substrates
  • Collins TWK1966H Data Black  - For matte, glossy papers and corrugated style substrates
  • Collins TWK2010H Endurance Black  - For standard offset, matte, glossy papers and corrugated style substrates
  • Collins TWK2080H Reliable H  - For coated stock, matte and glossy substrates



  • Black aqueous inks for industrial printing applications for many types of material.
  • Some inks are available with "Heads Up" technology (H) which are formulated to substantially reduce the amount of operator maintenance. Inks with heads up technology don't require capping or purging between print cycles or after extended periods of downtime.
  • Some inks are also available for different types of bulk applications.